Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Finally Over!

After close to five very long months, hay is finally over! I didn't think it would ever end! These are some things I am looking forward to this winter.

1. My husband taking over baby duties for a while. (I'm dreaming of course :)

2. Staying at home all cozy on the couch with hot chocolate.

3. A much needed massage.

4. A shorter hair cut. (Rhilynn has started grabbing hair!)

5. Our two year anniversary. (Nov. 1)

6. Kellan sleeping in longer, I won't have to hear him getting up so early.

7. Rhilynn crawling. (Did I say that?)

8. Seeing family during the holiday's.

9. Not having to worry about getting in a bathing suit with all my stretch marks! (Scary!)

10.Showing Rhilynn snow!