Thursday, July 1, 2010

New House?

Right before Kegan was born, Kellan and I started talking about building a house on our property at the farm. We met with a builder and decided it might be in our grasp! We are currently selling our home in Othello and are planning to move back to our rental at the farm. A single wide trailer will be much more manageable to clean and take care of with two kids in. Space will be tight, but our parents did it and it's only for a little while, we hope. This is the picture of the sample house plan, although we will be making some changes.

It's A Boy!

Well it only took me a year and a half, but I'm finally updating this blog! Let's see, where to begin? After nine long months, Kellan and I were blessed with a baby boy on March 19th, Kegan James. Our daughter Rhilynn turned two on June 5th and is loving her baby brother! He is a chubby boy, who's full of smiles! We are so happy to have two great babies that fill our lives with such joy!