Thursday, January 12, 2012

All Moved In!

Two days before Christmas we got our occupancy for our new home and were franticly trying to move in with three little ones! It was very crazy! Thankfully I have the best family in the world and they were always there to help. It's not fully done, but we are starting to finish our master bathroom shower next week. The kids are loving all the room they have as well as mommy :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dylan Nichole

So it has been like two years since I have blogged and you have missed a lot! Here goes! Kellan and I welcomed our third child, second daughter, Dylan Nichole on September 12, 2011. She was born at 1:03pm and weighed 7 lbs 12.4 oz (just like her big sister Rhilynn) and was 19 inches long. It was my third c-section and went perfectly. We can't believe how much she looks like her big sister! They could be twins! I really have to keep their baby pictures seperate. Dylan is now almost four months old and is "talking" up a storm and trying to roll over. She is such a happy girl and loves to watch her brother and sister play around her.