Sunday, November 2, 2008

My First Halloween!

Well, the day before we went to the mall to get picture's taken. Mommy thought it would be a good idea to just throw some diapers and wipes in her purse and leave to diaper bag in the truck. Picture's went good, cried a little because the photographer was a stranger with dark hair. I don't know why this has an effect on her, but it seems she is scared of dark haired people she doesn't know. Anyways, I put her in the Baby Bjorn after picture's and I felt her going to the bathroom! Out her costume, down her leg and sock, onto Mommy's pants, then finally resting on the food court floor! So here I am, after I changed her in the bathroom, carrying my baby in just a diaper through the mall with a garbage bag filled with poopy clothes! Thank goodness for travel oxy clean or I would have had to buy a new pair of pants. Halloween was a good night, though. We went to Kellan's parents house. Had a nice dinner and gave trick-or-treater's candy.